HBOS – Halifax Bank of Scotland Hired Thugs in Huddersfield (managed by Lloyds Bank)

Forced out of Home and Business by Bank of Scotland (Lloyds TSB HBOS Birmingham Midshires) and Kevin Oliver FRAUD

West Yorkshire Police

Further information will be added after the Police have been notified about this site and provided an opportunity to respond about the actions of their aggressive and inept police officers detailed below.

All other parties on this site have been asked and failed to provide information or answer questions about what gives them the right to do what they are doing.

It appears that the Police are not interested in investigating crimes or evidence but looking after themselves and making sure their company is making enough money so they don’t lose their jobs.

North Yorkshire Police declined to investigate alleged criminal behaviour of Kevin Oliver in Hexham!


Various parties were reported for their actions to the Police and the Inspector (name on file) in Huddersfield informed the owner that this is a civil matter.


Date: 1st July 2010 around 11am
Attended by:
PC 5337 Sotiropoulos
PC 570 Butler
PC 6303 Lawless

When the Police were called to a Breaking and Entering at 8A and 8C Queens Road, the Police woman (name/badge on file) REFUSED to investigate the crime taking place and trying to be reported to them.
The flat below 8A Queens Road had been forced open and they also broke into the rear of 8C Queens Road, out of view instead of breaking into the front door.
They would have had keys had they got the owner’s permission to enter into the properties!
There is no Court repossession on these properties and the parties were acting outside the law!

The Police woman accepted a photocopy of a document from those doing the damage and forcing entry (Gallery HD1, ‘Julian’, AK and hired lock breaker) and refused to accept a signed sworn statement from the owner. She stated that ‘one had the banks logo on’ and the other signed sworn statement didn’t have a letterhead logo.
This is strange that a Police officer would accept a photocopied logo over a sworn statement as evidence.
Gallery HD1 misguided Police officers into assisting them, although it appears that they did not care anyway (refusal to investigate crime being reported, refusal to accept sworn statement as evidence)

The Gallery employee lied and told police officers that the owner had been made bankrupt and repossessed.

From this point on it appeared as if the Police officers were acting ‘as if’ on behalf of the Bank based on the piece of paper with a Bank of Scotland logo – and no actual evidence.

The two male police officers attending were aggressive against the owner and anyone not ‘siding’ with those that had forced entry.
One officer used aggressive arm gestures and thrusted towards the chest (avoiding contact) of the owner and told himm that he will listen to him. The owner was calm, centered and attempting to explain what happened, yet he seemed more interested in shouting at me, so I just ignored him.

A witness who was still informing them that they needed to check the damage for the break-in was then unlawfully arrested and humiliated, to remove her from the scene so that Gallery HD1 could continue with business and changing locks.
Instead of investigating the break-in and arresting the perpetrators, the Police was now acting as if they were assisting them!

At this point, when the witness was caged and intimidated in the back of their van, another male officer then took her keys and went into a private room, without consent, to retrieve/steal personal property of the owner and then physically GAVE it to Gallery HD1 – enabling them to cover up their crime.

After a short while they released her from being imprisoned in the cage, as they had forcefully shown and established control for their colleagues at Gallery HD1 as agents of the Bank of Scotland.

West Yorkshire Police were involved in intimidation and theft, acting to assist the Bank and Gallery HD1, instead of being there to uphold the law, investigate the crime reported or collect evidence and accept a sworn statement.

They refused to investigate the crime being reported, would not accept a sworn statement as evidence, unlawfully arrested a resident, enter private residence, stole property and assisted Gallery HD1 to take possession of property.


When asked at the Main Police Station for a Police Officers Handbook or Code of Conduct or guide on how they should behave, they were unaware of such a book that they could provide to the public. So it is difficult for the public to know exactly how a Police officer is supposed to behave and what their duties are in public.


Inspector Rauf investigated a complaint and confirmed that the owner had been made bankrupt and repossessed. No evidence was provided. This has not happened but if Inspector Rauf of West Yorkshire Police Force says it’s true then who is anyone to question?

At the time of writing (26th February 2013) this is still untrue and no such evidence exists. So it would be fair to assume he was lying (reason unknown) or incapable of doing a simple job of verifying facts and evidence.

They used this excuse to claim they had not unlawfully arrested anyone and failed to investigate the breaking and entering.
A poor cover-up with no evidence!


Date: Friday 30th July 2010 around 8am
Attended by:
PC 2250 Harrison
PC 6664 Connor

The Police were called when strange men tried to enter the property at 8 Queens Road and refused to identify themselves. They were led by a man who claimed to work for the Bank of Scotland, although he was unable to provide any evidence of this.

The male Police officer (Gavin Connor) made a Judgement that they were in the right, without seeing or providing ANY evidence, except a photocopy of a piece of paper dated in March 2010 – that wasn’t signed by the courts, judge or solicitor.

The female Police officer (Shelley Harrison) threatened and joked about tasering the owner as he was on the phone to his solicitor if he didn’t comply.

These Police officers were unprofessional and probably have not been trained properly – this matter will be addressed separately.

The Police, having assisted them, now acting as if they worked for the Bank of Scotland, allowed them to enter the property and they BROKE the lock on the main door and replaced it. As they changed the locks to the front door – the man told the Police and residents that they would be given keys – this was another lie as he had no intention to do this but to physically take control of the property with Shield Security.

When the man was asked who he worked for, he said Bank of Scotland.
When asked if he could provide written evidence of what he said was true, he was unable to do so (man has since been identified as John Annetts)
When the police officer asked if he wanted to serve any paperwork or notice to the owner of the property, he said he didn’t.
He still continued to misguide Police officers into assisting them to use force to enter the property and it’s individual rooms.

Since then Bank of Scotland lawyer Paul Twomey has denied John Annetts works for Bank of Scotland. So who is the liar?


Shield Security agent Waqaas Majid, assaulted a resident and the Police were called. The Police viewed the CCTV and told him that he was seen assaulting the security guy, as he had used the back of his hand to push him back to keep his distance whilst the police arrived. This was due to the terrorising Shield Security forcing himself forward into the victims face so that Waqaas’ beard was touching him and he could smell his really bad body odour – it was necessary to protect himself as the Waqaas Majid was intentionally standing in his personal area in an attempt to show power after his earlier attack. It was a very disgusting display of threat and arrogance from an employee hired to do a job for a Bank.

Even though Shield Security were unable to provide any contracts or orders to show why they were on the property – and the security man had been aggressive, abusive, pushed the person around, followed him to a blind spot on the CCTV (a common trick of violent security staff) and threatened to rip out his throat. When asked to keep his distance, he kept pushing forward so close that his beard was in the face of the person being assaulted and close enough for his behaviour to continue being aggressive and threatening.
This can be seen on the CCTV footage that Shield Security have failed to provide.

They told police officers they would provide copies of their orders to the Police and the residents but they have failed to do more than give them a copy of an email. The ASSAULT complaint still stands even though the Police failed to fill in a report.

After being reported to the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) – Shield Security have told them they destroyed all evidence, even though it had been requested well in advance.

Huddersfield Police Station
Tel: 01484 436876
Northgate Huddersfield HD1 2NJ


Added 8th March 2013:

People who work in the police service should behave appropriately at all times. Expectations about the behaviour of both police officers and members of police staff are set out in their respective Standards of Professional Behaviour.
These expectations include a requirement to:
– act with honesty and integrity, fairness and impartiality
– treat members of the public and their colleagues with respect
– not abuse their powers and authority
– act in a manner that does not discredit or undermine public confidence in the police service.

If you feel that someone working for the police has not met these standards, you can make a complaint.

The Police (Conduct) Regulations 2008
2008 No. 2864

Status:This is the original version (as it was originally made). UK Statutory Instruments are not carried in their revised form on this site.
Regulation 3
Standards of Professional Behaviour

Honesty and Integrity
Police officers are honest, act with integrity and do not compromise or abuse their position.

Authority, Respect and Courtesy
Police officers act with self-control and tolerance, treating members of the public and colleagues with respect and courtesy.
Police officers do not abuse their powers or authority and respect the rights of all individuals.

Equality and Diversity
Police officers act with fairness and impartiality. They do not discriminate unlawfully or unfairly.

Use of Force
Police officers only use force to the extent that it is necessary, proportionate and reasonable in all the circumstances.

Orders and Instructions
Police officers only give and carry out lawful orders and instructions.
Police officers abide by police regulations, force policies and lawful orders.
Duties and Responsibilities

Police officers are diligent in the exercise of their duties and responsibilities.

Police officers treat information with respect and access or disclose it only in the proper course of police duties.

Fitness for Duty
Police officers when on duty or presenting themselves for duty are fit to carry out their responsibilities.

Discreditable Conduct
Police officers behave in a manner which does not discredit the police service or undermine public confidence in it, whether on or off duty.
Police officers report any action taken against them for a criminal offence, any conditions imposed on them by a court or the receipt of any penalty notice.

Challenging and Reporting Improper Conduct
Police officers report, challenge or take action against the conduct of colleagues which has fallen below the Standards of Professional Behaviour.



Before you think that Police Officers are above the law and do not get involved in criminal activity, do the research!

CLICK HERE > Criminal Police: Full List Of Convictions By Force
West Yorkshire Police decided not to disclose number of criminals working for them on grounds of cost to get all the figures together.

Latest list of corrupt police officers from (including links to sources)
List of Police, Prison & Court Personnel charged or convicted of an offence 2009 to 2012 – V20 (21/11/2012) Approx Count = 329 + 945 = 1274
CLICK HERE > Police List

These are just those that have been caught red-handed and the Police Force have been unable to handle ‘internally’
Most businesses like to handle their problems and PR internally for obvious reasons.
Crimes such as theft/shoplifting is unlikely to be investigated, where supermarkets call the Police to take care of the Police.
(Just ask a security officer at a local supermarket to verify this, eg. Asda in Halifax or Tescos in Huddersfield)

West Yorkshire Police – 6th July 2012 – Michael Vause – Making indecent images of children

West Yorkshire Police – 18th May 2012 – PC Ian Bell – Common Assault

North Yorkshire Police – 17th March 2012 – Graham Carroll – Drink Driving

North Yorkshire Police – 8th March 2012 – Charles Littleboy – making, possessing and distributing illegal images of children

North Yorkshire Police – 16th February 2012 – PC Rachel Hewitt – charged with Fraud

West Yorkshire Police – 24th January 2012 – James Hughes – Theft of money from crime scenes

North Yorkshire Police – 14th December 2011 – Andy-Easterby – Dangerous Driving (whilst naked)

West Yorkshire Police – 28th April January 2011 – PC Christopher Snow – Admitted eight offences of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity

West Yorkshire Police – 3rd April 2009 – PC Michael Conlon – Attempting to engage in sex with a minor.

Know Your Rights With Police Officers

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  1. MTG July 28, 2013 at 9:46 am

    The notion of West Yorkshire Police serving the public, is at best naive. The gang is primarily engaged in self-service and is rewarded by a corrupt Establishment to serve State oppression.

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