HBOS – Halifax Bank of Scotland Hired Thugs in Huddersfield (managed by Lloyds Bank)

Forced out of Home and Business by Bank of Scotland (Lloyds TSB HBOS Birmingham Midshires) and Kevin Oliver FRAUD

Kevin Oliver

Kevin Oliver Hexham

Kevin Oliver was hired by Bank of Scotland first to do a private valuation for HBOS and again when they took action without providing any Notice. This illegal action has led to the criminal behaviour detailed on this site.

Kevin Oliver of Asset Rescue Ltd in Hexham is aware of the actions him and his agents have taken.

Kevin Oliver continues to work for Bank of Scotland (6th March 2013) who fund the criminal behaviour and law breaking at 8 Queens Road.

Bank of Scotland (Mrs Laura Falconer) have been secretly paying parties from a customer account and the recent Data Request has forced them to send documents that initially were not for the eyes of anyone outside Bank of Scotland.

As all parties involved have not seen any original contracts, court orders and refused to send certified copies, it is fair to say that Kevin Oliver has obtained property by Deception which is covered by the Theft Act 1968
Gallery HD1 are “handling the Proceeds of Crime” as detailed in Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 for Kevin Oliver.

Any assignments or orders seem to only be photocopies originating from Carol Tedman at Bank of Scotland but no original document (or certified copy) has been provided for inspection.
Is it possible that she too is in on the Fraud or a victim too?

This is the account that Laura Falconer is using to pay Kevin Oliver who she hired
A friend for life indeed at Bank of Scotland!

They have paid out ‘fees’ in the thousands sometimes with only the simple description ‘Fee’ hiding the recipient of the money. For example:
28th Sep 2010 – Fee-059447 – £3882.20
15th Nov 2010 – Fee-01149 – £40330.01
(these are just some of the hidden fees)

These secret fees also include a payment of £56,981.03 to Kevin Oliver on 7th April 2011.
Harassment, assault and telling lies does pay! Especially when your contract and agreements are with the Bank of Scotland.

He must be doing a good job as detailed on this website that Bank of Scotland need to fund his ‘work’ by taking money from a customer’s account.

Note, the person’s account they were taking without authorisation (stealing) these fees from was not notified but Laura Falconer at Bank of Scotland was, so she was able to pay her Agents from someone else’s bank account.

It’s still not enough to be taking that much money that Asset Rescue Ltd have failed to pay utility bills dating back to March 2010.

Looks like Kevin Oliver of Asset Rescue is only there for Asset Stripping and filling his pockets.

Do you still trust the Bank of Scotland or Kevin Oliver?

Kevin Oliver having hired his team of thugs to harass and illegally evict tenants, then paid courts to issue a CCJ against one of the tenants.
This was done in the name of ‘Kevin Oliver’ – and was now using the courts to harass residents with the intention of causing them legal problems.
Kevin Oliver was offered the money to clear the CCJ (which could now be considered an extortion payment) but instead he refused to accept the payment to clear the Court bought CCJ. That’s right, he refused to accept full payment to clear a CCJ that he falsely issued, pretending to be acting on behalf of the owner!
Yes, he has no need for the money as Laura Falconer at Bank of Scotland covers his bills, expenses and wage – so he is not willing to do ‘the right thing’
He would rather cause problems for people and harm to their legal reputation.

Not only does HBOS and banks arm these thugs with money to cause financial terror (ability to pay people to ignore the law and do what they are told and paid to do, such as harass and attack people) but the Courts also arm them with false judgments, without hearings or full evidence, to cause legal terror as well.

Is this dirty tactics from Kevin Oliver the HBOS Agent from Hexham or what?

Is this character defamation? Call Kevin Oliver and ask him!

You can judge his character based on his refusal to accept payment and clear a false CCJ.
His lawyer at the time it was issued was Paul Twomey, the lawyer of Bank of Scotland.

Kevin Oliver
Kevin Oliver, Oakwell House, Bardon Mill Hexham, Northumberland, NE47 7HF
Tel: 01434 343000 / 07703 337200
Hired by Carol Tedman/Laura Falconer and working for the Bank
Claiming to be the Agent of the landlord but not acting in his best interests!
(Kevin Oliver may be trading as Asset Rescue Ltd)

Kevin Oliver, Hexham

Kevin Oliver - Hexham, Bank of Scotland

Can you trust Kevin Oliver?

I don’t!

Companies that Kevin Oliver is a Director of:
Kevin Oliver Ltd – £27,222 Net Assets 2011
Asset Rescue Limited – £88,680 Net Assets in 2011 (how much paid for his involvement at 8 Queens Road?)
Oliver Swanson Management Limited – Dissolved with £5405 net assets in 2004
Futurehaven Limited – Dissolved with a loss of £60,095 in 2005
Kevin Oliver Business and Leisure Limited – Dissolved

Kevin Oliver – quote from his website “Kevin Oliver Property & Business Consultant’s was founded 1988. An independently owned business covering the UK, committed to providing exceptional service to our clients.”
That will be ‘exceptional’ service provided to his client Bank of Scotland then!

My review: A big liar and crook, who works with thugs that will do whatever is necessary to cover up ‘crimes’ and get paid!

Kevin Oliver is also selling the following properties. It is unknown whether he has permission from the owners, how he took control of the properties, if there are any contracts in place or who he is selling them for.
It is possible he is working with his colleagues at Bank of Scotland again to cash in on property neither the Bank nor Kevin Oliver own – or have been to Court to taken possession of with a fair hearing. Possession taken by lies and Force again perhaps!?

Here it is in plain English who Kevin Oliver works for (Bank of Scotland):
The pub was being marketed by receivers Kevin Oliver of Hexham, Northumberland, on behalf of a bank.

Full list from his website as seen on 23rd April 2012.

4 Glenthorne Street, Bolton, BL1 3SY

Kingsway Hotel, 11 Trafalgar Road, Blackpool, FY1 6AW

45 Hazelwood Road, Northampton, NN1 1LG

31 Mowbray Drive, Blackpool, FY3 7UN

6/8 Hartington Road, High Lane, Stockport, SK6 8BY

54 Bradford Road, Stanningley, Leeds, LS28 6EF

The Outback, 27 Bridge Street, Carmarthen, SA31 3JS

38 Albert Road, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 0AD

Land and Buildings, Westgate, Haltwhistle, Northumberland, NE49 0AX

52 & 52a Liscard Road, Wallasey, Wirral, CH44 9AF

8 Queens Road, Edgerton, Huddersfield, HD2 2AE

Meriden Hotel, 155 Main Road, Meriden, Coventry, CV7 7NH

The Lincolnshire Arms, 1 High Street, Luddington, North Lincolnshire, DN17 4QP

Search Google for Kevin Oliver For Sale


John Annetts

Told Police OFficers and witnesses that he’s working for HBOS Bank of Scotland
Bank of Scotland lawyer Paul Twomey denies it.
So which is the liar?

John Annetts (believed to be an agent/associate of Kevin Oliver)
J & D Property Solutions Limited
Tel: 07540 435595

Christopher John Annetts
J & P Property Solutions Limited – 07109965 – Dissolved 11th May 2010
J & D Property Solutions Limited – Registered company 07116734
Registered Address:
Ebenezer House Ryecroft
Newcastle Under Lyme,
Staffordshire, ST5 2BE

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