HBOS – Halifax Bank of Scotland Hired Thugs in Huddersfield (managed by Lloyds Bank)

Forced out of Home and Business by Bank of Scotland (Lloyds TSB HBOS Birmingham Midshires) and Kevin Oliver FRAUD

Gallery HD1

Gallery HD1 Huddersfield

Can you trust Gallery to tell the truth and be honest?
Can Gallery Lettings – (Dennis Goodridge) be trusted to collect your rents or with your properties?

Are you a landlord – Did you know that Gallery correspond with the Banks about your business behind your back?
Would you believe that Gallery think it is acceptable to break into properties because they claim to be working for the Bank?

Are you a tenant? Would you rent a house from a company that won’t tell you who the owner is and lie about it in order to take your money?

Dennis Goodridge from Gallery HD1 Lettings (Gallery @HD1) rented a property on behalf of the landlord at 8A Queens Road, HD2 2AE.

Mr Goodridge rented the property to his friend (Kelvin) and failed to provide a copy of the tenancy or pay any rents to the Landlord.

It is now apparent that he may have known about the upcoming actions of Kevin Oliver, as he now had access to the property and failed to return the keys.


Gallery have been informed that Kevin Oliver is not an agent of the landlord and asked to provide copies of any contracts that allow them to be on the properties or take money from them – and also a request for personal data and disclosure. Nothing has been provided

Gallery broke and entered into the properties at 8 Queens Road, they already had the key from Mr Goodridge’s friend for one property – they hired a locksmith to break and into the studio at 8A Queens Road and the house at 8C Queens Road.

They informed Police, tenants, bypassers and the general public that Mr. Gill had been “bankrupt, repossessed and we work for the Bank.”

This is a false statement and there is no evidence to support it.

Police (badge numbers on file) assisted their actions, refused to investigate the breaking & entering, used aggressive behaviour and unlawfully arrested someone, so they could continue with ‘business’.

When reported to The Property Ombudsman (TPOS) – Dennis Goodridge provided them with a letter that he claimed he had written and sent prior to the complaint. Unfortunately this letter had not been received and did not include the evidence and personal data requested – or address the concerns of their actions.  They were advised to send any correspondence recorded delivery but he had failed to do that as well, assuming the letter had been written prior the TPOS complaint.

(further info, pictures, video available and to be added)

It is likely that since no evidence has been provided that Kevin Oliver has any lawful contract, court warrant or court order covering his actions as being law abiding – and has refused to provide certified copies of any contracts, then it is fair to say that he is breaking the law.
Gallery HD1 are therefore “handling the Proceeds of Crime” as detailed in Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
They and their associate Kevin Oliver have obtained property by Deception which is covered by the Theft Act 1968

Gallery HD1 have not denied breaking into the properties. They have not responded or provided any evidence to explain how they gained access to my properties, without any keys, unless it was by breaking and entering.

If they have lied to you about the owner of the property and are collecting money from you by fraud, you should inform the authorities.  Gallery have no right to give possession of my properties to anyone without my consent or take money for themselves and Kevin Oliver.  I believe they think the Bank is like the Government and makes it’s own rules and laws, even though they have been informed otherwise.

Contact them to hear what they have to say and put in writing about what happened and who they work for:

Gallery HD1 – Dennis Goodridge
(Gallery @HD1 Ltd – Co. No: 05530974 went into insolvent liquidation on 8th July 2009. DRCG Limited is trading as Gallery @HD1)
Gallery, 8 New Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2AR
Tel: 01484 434310

Gallery HD1 are moving to:
28 John William Street, Huddersfield, HD1 1BG
[Closer to fellow dishonest agents Boultons]

Kevin Oliver
Kevin Oliver, Oakwell House, Bardon Mill Hexham, Northumberland, NE47 7HF
Tel: 01434 343000 / 07703 337200
Hired by Carol Tedman/Laura Falconer (Bank of Scotland) and working for the Bank
Claiming to be the Agent of the landlord but not acting in the landlord’s best interests!

Dennis Goodridge, Gallery HD1

Dennis Goodridge, Gallery HD1

Kevin Oliver, Hexham

Kevin Oliver – Hexham, Bank of Scotland

Companies that Dennis Goodridge is a Director of:
Dennis Goodridge
Gallery Investments Limited – 05886266 – Dissolved 16th March 2010
Gallery @HD1 Limited 05530974 – Dissolved 22nd July 2010
DRCG Limited 06792020 – Registered 15th Jan 2009 (Liquidation – Possible Adverse Information, 26th November 2011)
Miaisa Limited 08111915 – Registered 20th June 2012 (Voluntary Arrangement, Possible Adverse Information, 10th September 2014)
Gallery @HD1 Limited 08142653 – Registered 13th July 2012 – Back in Business after dissolving same named company

New addresses for other Gallery HD1 Operations:
19 Commercial Street
01484 711775

81b North Road
01484 605931

One response to “Gallery HD1

  1. Carol Roys November 17, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    I had a supposedly single tenant on a 6 month let (it was supposed to be longer) who left in July. She trashed the house and sub let it. Gallery arranged the clean (basically throwing everything away). Gallery still have the deposit even though the tenant has returned to India and said she doesn’t expect to get any money back, and I have provided a schedule of my costs (in excess of £500).

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