HBOS – Halifax Bank of Scotland Hired Thugs in Huddersfield (managed by Lloyds Bank)

Forced out of Home and Business by Bank of Scotland (Lloyds TSB HBOS Birmingham Midshires) and Kevin Oliver FRAUD


Boultons Estate Agents Huddersfield

What Personal data do Boultons have on file for you?
Can you trust them with your Personal information or your properties?

Michael Sellers of Boultons Estate Agents is offering the properties for sale on behalf of Kevin Oliver.

Raymond Butterworth is trying to evict tenants, claiming to act on behalf of the Landlord.

Boultons have been informed that Kevin Oliver is not an agent of the landlord and asked to provide copies of any contracts that allow them to be on the properties or advertise them for sale. Nothing has been provided.

When asked to provide Personal Data, Michael Sellers refused and stated he would redact (remove) any personal information if he had to provide it – so much for integrity, disclosure and the law. His written response is available to view.

(more info, video and copy of his letter to be added)

Contact them to hear what they have to say and put in writing about what happened and who they work for:

Boultons – Michael Sellers and Raymond Butterworth
Boultons Estate Agents, 54 John William St, Huddersfield HD1 1ER
Tel: 01484 515 029

Kevin Oliver
Kevin Oliver, Oakwell House, Bardon Mill Hexham, Northumberland, NE47 7HF
Tel: 01434 343000 / 07703 337200
Hired by Carol Tedman/Laura Falconer (Bank of Scotland) and working for the Bank
Claiming to be the Agent of the landlord but not acting in the landlord’s best interests!


Kevin Oliver, Hexham

Kevin Oliver – Hexham, Bank of Scotland

Michael Sellers

Michael Sellers – Boultons Huddersfield

Raymond Butterworth, Boultons Huddersfield

Raymond Butterworth – Boultons Huddersfield

Can you trust Boultons?

I don’t!

Raymond Butterworth and Michael Sellers are Directors of:
Frank Raymond Victor Butterworth
Michael John Sellers
Boultons Harrisons Limited – £234,495 net assets in 2010

Boultons Harrisons Financial Management Limited

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