HBOS – Halifax Bank of Scotland Hired Thugs in Huddersfield (managed by Lloyds Bank)

Forced out of Home and Business by Bank of Scotland (Lloyds TSB HBOS Birmingham Midshires) and Kevin Oliver FRAUD

72 Eldon Rd Huddersfield HD1 4NE

The property at 72 Eldon Rd Huddersfield HD1 4NE is under the control of the same company that brought the following activities to 8 Queens Road – watch the Youtube videos and read the main page on this site.

They may be trying to rent the property or sell it, whilst claiming to be Agent’s hired by the owner and working for him. This is not true – they are Agents hired by Bank of Scotland!

Bank of Scotland have failed to give notice, provide certified contracts, answer questions or acknowledge the actions of their Agents (such as Kevin Oliver)

An Agent sent by the Bank visited the owner at 8 Queens Road in January 2011. He was provided documents and asked to provide answers to questions about the behaviour of the people they hired/employed at the property.
It is now December 2011 and the Bank has failed to respond. (recording of interview available).

Instead Laura Falconer at Bank of Scotland pays these parties by rewarding them for breaking and entering, harassment, assault and illegal eviction.

All the actions and criminal behaviour detailed on this site has been reported to Lloyds TSB CEO Antonio Horta-Osorio.

(Birmingham Midshires, part of Bank of Scotland, now owned by Lloyds TSB)

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